[Knowledge Domain Interpretation]   Acton Jazz Cafe Open Mike Private Files
The files contained herein are the property of open mike artists and feature performers. For permission to use, contact the individual artist or feature performer. Files with a title starting raw have only been track-level volume adjusted and are not joined, clipped, equalized nor edited.

Files from each night are now listed on their own page. Click here for all the Open Mike nightly listings.

Apologies, but I'm running a backlog, so processing for posting here is a bit delayed. Regards, Ira

Acton Jazz Cafe Open Mike sets

Open Mike, 2014 03 03
Open Mike, 2014 03 10
Open Mike, 2014 03 17
Open Mike, 2014 03 24
Open Mike, 2014 03 31
Open Mike, 2014 04 07
Open Mike, 2014 04 21
Open Mike, 2014 04 28

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